Monday, March 16, 2015

#BFTPqal - pages 25, 26, & 69

First up is "Cross and Crown", from page 25. This block went together like a breeze -- but just because I paper-pieced it and adjusted the measurements.  I mean, really, there is just no easy way to get 5 sections into a 6" block.  So, I made up my paper-piecing patterns just like I did about a month ago. Again, I chose to have the center strips 1" finished, which meant each quarter was 2 1/2" finished -- which makes for some pretty easy quilt math, I think. :)

Second is "Cat's Cradle" on page 26. I decided not to do any background on this block, since it's written that way, but I'm not so sure about how I like the color placement after all.
And last is our applique block -- "Rose Wreath" from page 69. The bias strips I did just like the "Rose Spray" block I did a couple of months ago, and I used Heat-n-Bond lite for the roses. This was the fastest block of them all! I did a couple of things -- like using glue to baste the bias strips down -- just like it's outlined in the book, but what I did different (other than the Heat-n-Bond), was to do the circles in the center of the flowers UNDERNEATH the petals. I just really like that look better, and since I was fusing the petals anyway, I just fused them on top of the fabric I used for the centers. I did use a little glue underneath the flower centers as well, just to make sure everything will stick until I'm ready to quilt everything down.

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