Monday, March 9, 2015

Cabin Fever II & BFTP links

Well. I didn't remember to post last week, and I didn't get any blocks done for this week because I was busy getting ready for Cabin Fever II.  I got to go on my birthday (and got one heck of a present from the ladies -- ever heard of Pinup Guys fabric??) through last Saturday, and it was so much fun!!

First of all, the links for last week's post is by our friend Ginny at Marion's blog, {here}. And for this week, it's Maggie at Shortcookie, and the links are {here}, {here}, and {here}. (if you can't access all the links, that means they're not all up yet -- at the time of this post there's only one.  I'll delete this disclaimer when I've linked over to all of them.)

Okay, now on to Cabin Fever II.  I was lucky enough to go to Cabin Fever in February of 2013, and that's where I decided I wanted to publish patterns. That meant I got an early pass to Cabin Fever II -- and it was a good thing, too, because the tickets were sold out before sales ever hit the public!  We got to go up to a BEAUTIFUL cabin up Hobble Creek Canyon, just about 15 minutes away from my house.  And all I did for three days was sew and sew and sew -- it was just like heaven!

I took waaay too much to work on, but I also managed to get quite a few projects completed.  I did four baby quilt tops...

 and two bee blocks (I'm part of the Beehive swarm #21)...

and five improv trees for my QBX group...

and one little secret project (this is one block of 36 that are complete). 

For Christmas last year, Joel gave me a jelly roll of Lexington, by Minick and Simpson.  At first glance, I thought it was pretty yuck -- it's not my style AT ALL, the colors are very muted, which I don't love. (Don't tell Joel -- he was really proud of his choice!)  So, I decided that if Joel loved this jelly roll, I'd make him a quilt for his birthday.  He's always a little sad that a lot of the quilts I make go to other people, haha.  And as I worked with this jelly roll, I really fell in love with it -- it has so many really beautiful prints in it!  And the colors really grew on me too.  I think it will really be a pretty and unusual addition -- and it will be the PERFECT secret birthday present for Joel!

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  1. How funny, the story about the blocks that went into hiding at the retreat - what a smart use for them!


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