Monday, February 29, 2016

Vintage Picnic Cross Stitch

I just love Bonnie & Camille fabric by Moda! Those ladies are some that I truly look up to -- I just love their style and hope to be able to publish patterns myself soon! (I'm in the process of starting a little company, updates will come soon!)

I've also been a little interested in cross stitch lately -- it's just such a fun, relaxing project to do at night while Joel and I watch TV! There's no real deadline, so I just do as much as I feel like -- it's so liberating!

So, when I saw their newest line, Vintage Picnic, the main print (at least, the print on top of all the bundles -- which is the print on the right in this picture) was just BEGGING to be made into a cross stitch pattern... don't you agree?

Well, I made sure I did it as soon as I had my FQ bundle in my hot little hands -- and decided to make that pattern available to all y'all too -- after all, it's not really my pattern, right? Don't worry, I totally made sure it was okay with the fabric designers before I posted this. :)

So, here it is! Just follow THIS LINK and you will have access to the pattern! All my color choices, as well as the cross stitch chart, are listed there in a 1-page document. As always, if you have a problem downloading the pattern, please let me know -- I want my little cross stitch patterns to be available to everyone!

And this is where I put it... I think it's just about perfect! I'm NOT a professional decorator by any means, but this little entry makes me think there might be hope!
I'll probably change things up seasonally here -- I've got my cute little Valentine's Day girl and my Nordic Christmas XS, so now I feel like I might just make a few more to go with whatever holiday is there. This is SO perfect for Spring though, that I might have it up all winter long just to give me some hope!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Valentine's Girl

About a year ago, I got a cheap little seasonal project to do at night while I watch TV with Joel. I got the XS pattern by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery (check out their version -- it's super different colors!), but I just used whatever I had on hand, and didn't document what I used. When I finished it I knew I wanted to put it in this 8x8 frame, but Valentine's Day was over, so I wasn't really motivated to finish it up right then. I knew I'd remember and pull it out during the next Valentine's season, so I put it away for a little bit. Well, it was Valentine's Day again (just a couple of weeks ago!) and I finished it up, just like I'd planned -- when does that ever happen?! I think it turned out PERFECTLY sweet, and I hung it up on the 10th -- just in time for Valentine's Day!