Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sewing School

This summer, I decided to teach my kids how to sew. Well, the summer don't go as planned, and I only taught them to sew on lined paper. And, you ask, who in the world needs to know how to sew on lined paper? That's right - nobody. Oh, well. The best-laid plans, right?

So, we've been slowly-but-surely plugging away at this sewing business. I realized just a few days ago that my biggest hangup is just that they're sewing and I'm not! So, to be less selfish in this Christmas season, I've been letting my kiddoes at the sewing machine a little more often. Do you think Santa will notice? :)

On my design wall right now is a pixelated USA flag - designed and fabrics chosen by my 10-year-old. 

Am I a proud Mama or what?! He's done a fantastic job, and this morning I even bribed him to get ready for school by telling him he could sew if he got dressed. I'm tricky like that. :) We're going to straight-line quilt it, then add some panels to the back to make it into a pillow cover. What he doesn't realize is that we'll have to make the pillow insert too - it's kind of an odd shape. It's all part of the fun, buddy!