Tuesday, February 24, 2015

BFTPqal pages 19, 20, & 66

Sorry we're a day late today -- we had a leetle mixup in our schedule, but here we are!  Our next round of blocks were made by Terry Griffin, who has the CUTEST pattern shop {HERE}. Please take a minute and go there -- you won't be sorry! She had some of the cutest quilts and table runners -- I just want to make them all! I have a goal to make a table runner for every season and holiday, and these are a great way to do just that. I got to go with Terry to Quilt Market last May, and it was so, so much fun!  I'd go with her again in a heartbeat. :)  Terry uses a couple of techniques that are different from what I usually do, so I'll have to try those and see what I like best.

Here's Terry's post:

I got to do the "Grandmother's Choice, Anvil and Friendship Basket" blocks from the "Blocks From The Past".

Actually, going "modern" is really out of my comfort zone......but, I have really enjoyed using solids...although I still couldn't do the white background!! I remember too many days of scrubbing stains from and ironing white table clothes, pillow cases and sheets, at my Grandma's!

I was at Quiltique in Henderson, NV, (what a shop-loved it) and found the latest collection of Kona Solids and decided I could work with them. Since the blocks were from the "past" I decided to do the piecing by hand, using my grandmother's technique; a small running stitch with a backstitch every three or four stitches to lock the seam. This worked great since (as most of you know) I have a son who requires 24/7 care and when I sit with him in the evenings, turning the TV channels, getting Trail Mix, answering the phone for him, etc. etc.. If I don't have something to keep my hands busy I go crazy!!

I first marked 1/4" seams, with a pencil, on all sides of the lightest solids.

Then I matched corresponding pieces and pinned the intersecting points.

Using a Size 11 milliners/straw needle, I stitched the seams with a small running stitch. I also used Jill Finley's Polk-A-Dot sticky thimbles. They are great! As I pieced, I pressed the seams to the dark side.

Oh, what fun!!!

"Grandmother's Choice"

More Fun!


"Friendship Baskets"

The "Friendship Baskets" block was considered an applique block since the handles were appliqued to the background fabric. Because these were straight lines, I followed the pattern and pressed the 3/4" strip into thirds. When I do curved applique, I like to use Kim Diehl's method of applique using freezer paper.

I really enjoyed this project....I think I will finish the whole book of blocks!!!
Marion and Natalie thanks for letting me participate.


  1. Thanks, Natalie! Market is in Minneapolis in May!

  2. Wow, everything hand stitched - I'm impressed!
    Also, I checked out the pattern shop and everything is SO CUTE! I'm dying over the turtle growth chart.

    1. Isn't it all so fun?! I love that growth chart too -- I need a sister to have a baby so I can make one! :)


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