Friday, February 7, 2014

How to Make the Cutest Cards Ever

I just love to make homemade cards. They are the perfect little gift for teachers, Mother's Day, or really for anything big or small. I include cards with envelopes for quilts I make, and plan to make little ones for each etsy order I fill. (clarification: I am in the process of opening an etsy shop, but haven't completed the setup of it yet. Don't worry -- I'll keep you informed!)

So, you'd like to make some, too? No problem! Here's a quick tutorial and my method. You'll need:
- a piece of cardstock, folded and cut to your desired size (I also like to round my corners; you'll see that in this post)
- scraps of fabric
- an old-ish needle for your sewing machine

See how easy this is? The rest of it is a piece of cake, too!

First, lay out your fabrics on top of your card. They don't have to be precise, just give yourself an idea of where you want things to go.

Next, start cutting out your fabrics. On this example, I used a rotary cutter to fussy cut the bicycle and make my edges nice & sharp. Later on, I'll give an example of one I did with scissors that's just as cute!

Now, start sewing! Begin with the bottom layer, and make sure you start in a corner that is NOT covered by your second fabric. Cut off your tails about halfway through so you don't sew over them. I like to use a very small seam allowance -- about 1/8" -- although if I'm using a selvedge that has a rough edge I sometimes use about 3/8". It just depends on what you like!
Keeping the needle in the first layer, position all the layers on top to see where the second layer should be positioned.
Do not clip the threads, just lift the presser foot and scootch the card over to where you want to start (in this picture, you can see I've left the threads attached between the green & blue fabrics). Sew the second layer -- just remember to start in a corner that won't be covered by your third fabric. If the tails will be covered, clip JUST the top thread (the bottom thread will not be cut at all).

Now it's time for the last layer! Position it in place, then sew on top.
When you are finished sewing all sides, clip the threads and clip all remaining top threads.  In this picture, you can see the back of the card, where I've left all the bottom threads unclipped.

And now you have the cutest little card ever! These big ones are just a half-sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" cardstock, folded in half. I usually put them with some size A4 kraft paper envelopes, and they're super cute for a birthday, Christmas, or just a fun note to Mom.

I gave a set of these cards to my Mom & Mother-in-law for Mother's Day last year, and I think they turned out so sweet! I thought 8 was the perfect number for a pretty little set for each of them.

And my favorite size is actually this teeny tiny little one -- it's just a scrap of cardstock, folded in half, and it's perfect to accompany a gift! I included a spool of thread so you could see just how teensy it is.  I don't have envelopes for these, but I think they're cute enough to just attach to the front of a gift. Sometimes I'll even punch a hole in the corner and lace it onto some curling ribbon -- but only if I have the time! :)

I sure hope you liked these little cards -- I think they're pretty sweet, myself! If you make some, please let me know!

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