Monday, March 14, 2016

Baby Boy Quilt

A friend of mine was about to have a little baby boy (her first!) and I had the VERY last-minute idea to do a collaborative quilt for her. I used a pattern from a friend (which I think originally comes from rachelwoodenspoon -- look at the bottom of the tutorial page to find the exact dimensions we used), which we used for a different baby quilt (I did two blocks -- the one in the bottom center (!!!) and the first one on the next row).

Happily, that baby boy was born THE VERY DAY I finished quilting, so I was able to take some artsy photos. I'm learning! :)
I also washed and dried the quilt, which made it SUUUUPER soft and crinkly, and today I got to give it to him in person!
What a sweet little guy he is - and now he has a sweet little quilt to go along with him!

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