Monday, October 6, 2014

Quilting Inspiration

If you're a quilter, you know that there are a million and one patterns out there.  I've even designed a few myself! But sometimes you just want to do a block that is New and Different.  I've heard an author, Rachel Hawkins, describe it as the Slutty New Idea.  Basically, in writing the Slutty New Idea says, "I'm so much more interesting than that old idea.  Trust me, I'll be so much easier to write!" 
In quilting, we have our own version of the Slutty New Idea.  We call it Quilting Inspiration.
This happens when we see a cool shape on a vacation 
or a cute comment-with-no-picture
or a cute plate online
or a perler bead pattern

via Pinterest 
or even a pizza pan.
And then we totally neglect every other project we've ever started.
Most recently, I fell for the Slutty New Idea found inspiration in my jelly jar lid.
I thought it would make a sweet quilt, so I tried it out on graph paper and figured out measurements.

Less than 26 hours later, I had myself a cute little baby quilt! 

I'm not sorry a bit. :)

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